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The following are links to cancer-related articles. Some are about medicine and technology. Some are encouraging personal stories about survivors and caregivers. If you have an on-line article that you would like us to consider linking to, please send the link and story title to us by using our website Contact Us form.

health-research60Testing for more Breast Cancer Genes offers useful information
Aug 13, 2015 – by Kathryn Doyle – Reuters
New tests for breast cancer risk mutations beyond the well-known BRCA genes would offer actionable information for many women and their doctors.  Read more…

Sweet and Vicious SugarAmandaBontempo60
July 24, 2015 – by Amanda Bontempo – Cure Magazine
Sugar does not feed cancer cells any differently than it feeds healthy cells.  Read more…

Bhavesh Balar 60x6010 Questions to Ask Your Doctor After a Cancer Diagnosis
Aug. 19, 2014 – by Bhavesh Balar, M.D. – Live Science/Health
It’s important to get basic facts about your diagnosis in order to begin moving forward with a treatment program and prepare for battle. Read more…

depression5 Things Christians Should Know About Depression and Anxiety
Feb 20, 2014 – by Brandon Peach – Relevant Magazine
Depression and anxiety tend to be some of those touchy subjects that are tough to tackle from a Christian perspective. Read more…

lift hands1Do Religious Beliefs Help Cancer Patients Battle the Disease Better?
Nov. 22, 2013 by Rev. Percy McCray – Charisma Magazine
Research strongly suggests that individuals with religious and spiritual beliefs cope better during their battle with cancer. Read more…

dabney hFighting the Fear of a Bad Report
Nov. 14, 2013 by Dabney Hedegard – Charisma Magazine
Dabney Hedegard has battled nine life-threatening diseases and has had four near-death experiences. Read more…

broccoli-cookingHow to Prepare Foods to Boost Cancer-Fighting Activity
Nov. 7, 2013 – American Institute for Cancer Research
Research reveals how cooks can maximize  fruits’ and vegetables’ cancer-fighting compounds. Read more…

sun_black_ribbonHow to Care for Skin during and after Radiation
Nov. 9, 2013 by Sheryl M. Ness, R.N. – Mayo Clinic
Skin changes can be one of the primary side effects of radiation therapy. Read more…

s_nessThe Problem with Overtreating Thyroid Cancers
Nov. 2, 2013 by Sheryl M. Ness, R.N. – Mayo Clinic
Concern rises with possible overtreatment of some people who have low-risk thyroid cancers. Read more…

LorieJohnson_MDStarving Cancer: Ketogenic Diet a Key to Recovery
June 21, 2013 by Lorie Johnson – CBN News
There is a new cancer treatment that … involves cutting out carbohydrates, beginning with the worst carb of all – sugar. Read more…


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