History from Howard


In 2000, my friend, Bruce was diagnosed with lung cancer. As it would be for anyone, the dreaded words “you have cancer” were just that for Bruce, his family, and friends. When one is given this diagnosis, life seems to stop right in front of you; you become emotionally distraught. As one works through the process of “life with cancer,” at times, one finds it hard to handle the present circumstances and wonders what the future holds. There is much to learn, important decisions to be made, health care issues to address, insurance questions, and, most of all, support is needed to help one cope physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. In my supportive role with Bruce, this is what I saw him walking through.

Howard2014As I watched him and his family wrestle with all of this, I thought there must be an organization that can help…something like a “yellow page guide.” Finding none, the vision of the Mid-Atlantic Cancer Support Center (MACSC) was born in my spirit. Unfortunately, Bruce only lived 11 months after his diagnosis, so he never became aware of this vision. Three years later the MACSC was officially birthed when I met Beverly Gould, who had started our first cancer support group in Davidsonville. Many friends, business-people and pastors joined in to help guide us and to grow. My thanks goes out to all of them.

Howard Dunkley
CEO, MACSC 2004-2013