Frequently Asked Questions



  1. What is MACSC?

MACSC is the acronym for Mid-Atlantic Cancer Support Center.  We are faith-based, non-profit, grass roots support groups, currently helping those with cancer, their family members and friends, and the medical community.  As of April 2008, we have three affiliate support groups: one in the Davidsonville/Annapolis area, one in Crofton, and one in Bowie, Maryland.

  1. What is your mission?

The Mid-Atlantic Cancer Support Center was a Christian organization committed to providing services to women, men and children touched by cancer. It is a place where people can find hope and healing through prayer, programs and support services designed to inspire and empower all cancer survivors, their caregivers, loved ones and healthcare providers.

  1. Does it cost anything to attend meetings or to seek information?

The Mid-Atlantic Cancer Support Center is absolutely free for those whom we serve.

  1. How is MACSC financed?

Costs are underwritten by the free-will contributions of individuals and churches.

  1. I want to make a donation, how do I proceed?

We no longer accept donations.

  1. Are donations to A MACSC tax-deductible?

No.  As of 2016, the  Mid-Atlantic Cancer Support Center  no longer operates as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.  Donations made to Mid-Atlantic Cancer Support Center are not tax deductible.

  1. What kinds of volunteer opportunities do you have?

The Mid-Atlantic Cancer Support is currently looking for other Maryland cancer support groups to list on this website.

  1. As a student, can I fulfill my community service hours by volunteering for MACSC?

Theoretically, Yes.  We are looking into it.  Students can receive credit for their volunteer work as long as they bring the necessary paperwork to document the amount of hours they volunteer for us.

  1. Are you affiliated with the American Cancer Society (ACS) or any other organization?

No…and Yes.  The Mid-Atlantic Cancer Support Center is an independent organization.  However, we collaborate with local churches, the American Cancer Society, and other related organizations in some events.  Some of our leaders have trained at the local ACS and use ACS “I CAN COPE” curriculum at support group meetings.

  1. How can our group become affiliated with MACSC?

As of 2016, we are no longer seeking affiliates.

  1. Who founded the MACSC?

The Mid-Atlantic Cancer Support Center was founded by Howard Dunkley, a licensed social worker.  Howard worked hard as our Executive Director from its founding in 2005 until 2013.