Board of Directors



As of 2016, the Board of Directors decided to discontinue the Mid-Atlantic Cancer Support Center as an official incorporated entity, and left it as a loose association of separate cancer support groups. The Board no longer officially meets.  This website is now privately owned and operated by one of the former Board members.

The Board Directors of the Mid-Atlantic Cancer Support Center had the principal responsibility for fulfillment of the organization’s vision and purpose and has the legal accountability for its operations.  This means that they are in charge of establishing a clear organizational mission, forming a strategic plan to accomplish the mission, and overseeing and evaluating the plan’s success.

Dr. Taubman w/ some Board members - April 2013

Dr. Taubman w/ support group leaders – April 2013

The Board provided adequate supervision and support to the affiliate support groups, ensuring financial solvency of the organization, representing the organization to the community, establishing a network with the medical community, and instituting a fair system of policies and procedures.

Board members have a duty of loyalty to the organization. While differences of opinion are sure to arise, Board members should seek to keep disagreements impersonal.